Thursday, May 24, 2012

Transition worksho Orono

Raising aspirations
How we did things years ago we grouped only our special education students and adults. Everything was compartmentalized and separate!!! Then started asking questions how to do this better!! Need to get individualized valued work for all. It is not just about a job it is about living. How do we build the necessary supports?
Provide for one person at a time. Very creative individual options. Gail Fanjoy , speaker, what are we waiting for? We still isolate people with public support dollars.
5 areas of accomplishment.
Community and what your community has to offer. Choice in everyday decisions. Competence the opportunity to be functional and valued. Connections to people without disabilities . Community participation. Community is relationships.
Transition planning is the bus. Be the driver.
Top 10 list
Make the VR Referral no wait list
Keep regular contact with case manager
Contact legislators to keep funding
Become familiar with low income housing in community
Brainstorm with friends and family about potential jobs
Create a circle of friends without disabilities
Encourage son or daughter to participate in home and community
Work on competences 2 lists. Write all the things parents do for or to the child. Then next list what they do for themselves and move things to the kids list
Become familiar with what is available for your child in the community your community is it personalized for your child
Get support for yourself, the parent.

Dream big!

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