Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Honor

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I had an opportunity to present to a group of special educators in NH, last week.  They asked that I come and demonstrate how I was using Google apps in our school district. They asked that I  emphasize how I was using the apps especially with  special education in mind. They wanted to know how I used the apps with my peers, and by the way, did I have any specific ways of using Google apps with students?

I immediately asked if I could bring a student with me to demonstrate how adults in our schools used Google apps, then I figured I would have Morgan explain how Google apps fit into her school plan as a way to access her education.

Morgan and I planned and reflected upon a normal school week. That part was very easy. We use Google apps frequently. Morgan was a natural presenter during her explanations about Google. It was easy to see that she used the tools throughout her school day and it was very easy for her as she explained how she went about planning, researching and creating.

I don’t have to tell you that she stole the show. Once she began explaining how she used the calendar, shared documents with her teachers for editing purposes, shared her presentation about the evolution of cell phones, she took over. The educators in the audience fired questions at her, which she answered one by one. She patiently demonstrated how she shared in Google docs, how she added to her Google calendars, and how she made her Google presentations.

I was very proud when the educators asked if they could clone her for their high school. Morgan smiled. I smiled. The power of a student presentation.