Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 things Meme, thanks Jennifer Dorman

When I was checking my technorati account I found I had been tagged by Jennifer Dorman in a Meme. This is a fun way to share with the network, some things about myself that they many not know.
Quickly put:
1. I am a Webhead since 2005, February. Being a Webhead has opened many doors.
2. I am a Webcaster, at EdTechTalk, Thursdays a SEEDLINGS show 19:30 GMT.
3.I am getting ready for the Mt. Dew Challenge, this weekend. Looking to break my record.
4. I get to blog with one hundred 8th graders at my school, and one hundred 5th graders, can you say busy?
5. I love my job at Wells Ogunquit CSD where teachers, students and our community touch the future.
6. Meeting my virtual friends/network in a face 2 face setting is a highlight of any year!
7. I am teaching in an online class with the best group images4education!

I will tag Susan Ettenheim, Alice Barr, Carla Arena, Sarah Sutter, Jeff Bailey, Jim Burke
Ernie Easter (who already has posted his 7 meme)

Happy Learning and Sharing, it is about the conversations!