Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reflection about technology and my new car Ruby

coakes Ruby

I was reading Langwitches blog about how to successfully implement iPads into the classroom. Here I digress-- Her post Get Over It! really resonated with me and here is why! (First a thank you to Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano for her thoughtful and informative posts!)

Silvia tells us how her thinking has changed over the past 5 years about teaching and learning. Originally, she soft pedaled, as we all have, about good teachers make good learning, NOT the technology. Now Silvia says, " educators MUST experience the world of technology and modern learning (aka 21st century learning) for themselves in order to understand the transformative learning." 

Here is why! My new, 9 month new car, Ruby! I purchased the car hoping for a sun roof, hands free phone, possibly a GPS unit and space to travel with a crowd. What I got was keyless entry, keyless start, a talking SyncUnit including GPS, hands free phone, weather, traffic alerts, CD player, Sirius Radio, many USB ports, get the picture. I had the customary get to know your vehicle at the dealer and a huge thick book. Books, I know books! I began to read about my Ruby.

However, books are going through a revolution, as far as informational text. The car company does not present the information I need in a fluid manner. I had to use the index and found many references to the items of interest. Once I secured the page, the information was NOT even close to answering my question. My son, Dr. Nathan-dentist, ( you see it has been a long time that some of you readers have been following me) said, "Mom, go to YouTube to get that answer!"  (I knew that! see my post about how I fixed my dishwasher.)

I learned how to customize my screen. I downloaded software, inserted in one USB port and updated my car system, and then read my email from Ford that I need to download and update my system further to "fix the bugs".  MY point, SILVIA's point-we must experience the world of technology!! We must learn for ourselves in order to understand the transformative-(my words here-ANYTIME-ANYWHERE LEARNING-AS LONG AS I HAVE YOUTUBE) learning"

How is your classroom changing as you go back to school? Mine is changing with iPads. That post is for another day.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

School Year 2013-2014

It has been nearly a year since I have regularly posted. I took last year off from my picture post a day, my blogging, tweeting and commenting. It was the first time since 2005! I took time to focus on my students, my family and myself. Not a bad thing! Now I am ready to begin again. I am baaaaccccckkkk! I will be blogging with purpose about my students and how technology continues to level the playing field for challenged learner. I may have shorter blogs about my school days, shorter blogs about new tools and new ways students are making progress. I look forward to the virtual conversations, ideas and dialogues. See you on the flip side! Join in these conversations.