Thursday, March 29, 2012

You just never know.....

During 2011,  I wrote specific blog posts about special ed students using online and google tools and being successful with their school assignments,  especially with research and google docs. This success with their assignments led to significant gains in the students’ weekly and trimester grades.

Many people read the blog posts. Someone  at google read the posts and liked the information.

That someone called, “Would you mind if a video was made to tell the story?” I replied, “Yeah sure, that would be okay.” Being a New Englander, I must say, I was skeptical to say the least.

I never imagined the idea would go through all the levels of permissions  I assumed would be necessary at Google, or at my school and with our students.

It did. The idea became a reality.

A couple producers and film crew came to our school, for a week.  They saw, they participated, they filmed. They put together an amazing visual story, and now we in turn are amazed at our story.

It takes a village, and our ‘village’ is getting smaller all the time. It takes all of us to tell the story, and now that the story is out, we welcome the transparency, we welcome the questions and we will help with continuing the learning for all. We are very humbled by this opportunity and want to emphasize that you just never know.