Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To list or not to list? It’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere!

To list or not to list? It’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere!    by Cheryl Oakes

Each summer as we near our solstice and the end of our school year, as we call it a wrap, we also begin asking each other, our students, our families, just what we will all be doing during the precious weeks away from a schedule and school.

I always ask myself, do I make a list or go with the unlist? A very famous movie titled, the Bucket List which was diligently carried around the world, had  the actors check off their most amazing activities from their Bucket List (the things they wanted to accomplish before they ‘kicked the bucket’. I even found a website Bucket List, a social network, for just that “way to kickstart your life goals.” ( who knew?)  I confess, I am not that lofty and that I plan to begin with my summer activities.

In this day and age of unconferences, I am going to go with the unlist and share with you my top 5 activities I am looking to accomplish this summer. Why 5? I can keep track of them on one hand.

  • Cooking School- with my nephew
  • Use Catchup (catchupmath.com)  math as a student would, so I can be knowledgeable about the online program I am asking my students to use.
  • Create a way for my niece to “take a photography class”, 30 Days of Digital Do’s  with photography tasks for the young photographer. Join me for this activity.
  • Read a real book, read a book on my ipad,  read a book on my iphone and have a virtual book talk with friends.
  • Play outside every day with my puppy Seraphina and work in our  yard.

Why is this important to make an unlist? Even at an unconference there is a point in time where the participants list their interests or questions and begin sharing with others. My purpose is to challenge you (and myself)  and encourage you (and myself)  to reflect, and create your own vision,  then share your satisfactions later this summer as comments.

Happy Summer, Happy Unlist!

Thanks to Wes Fryer for this chance to guest blog. Although it was not on my unlist, it made my summer better!
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If you are really into photos try this Photo a Day http://365project.org/
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