Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What did you accomplish this past month?

If you have any connections to the blogosphere you already know about the k12onlineconference.
However, if you have not heard of this great FREE resource read on, but first check out some short teasers to give you a glimpse of the types of presentations you can attend. I have participated in this virtual organization for the past three years. The first year , 2006, I was part of the crew choosing the presentations for a strand. The second year I participated with two groups and presented with Women of Web 2.0 and Seedlings, Flat Agents of Change.
This year with my good buddies Alice Barr and Bob Sprankle, we were invited to Keynote, How to Get Started with the ReadWriteRevolution! When you ask educators to develop a proposal for an idea, send to it a juried process, then publish for the world, it can be a scary proposition. Then someone like David Warlick posts this message. "I like Cheryl’s quest to make the classroom like an ongoing homecoming.  On top of some many things that means, it attracts the involvement of the community — because the community has been there.  We’ve all been there, in the classroom, and we remember — and we can be inspired to be a part of the “revolution,” as they call it."
I sent an immediate message to Alice and Bob, "he got it!" We were so excited. Why?  Because we shared our personal experiences, our personal stories, and we wonder. Will people understand? Will people view this and make a connection to their own journey? Will our stories help move others to try educating their students for the 21st Century? Yes and no. Another viewer who watched our presentation didn't get the value they were looking for. They posted their reflection and it will become part of the online dialogue.  It is all part of the continuing conversation! Everyone gets a voice and everyone can choose to continue on. Personal choice!

This year the k12online conference was so well done that I have barely had time to get past the first week. I like the fact that I can go back to the conference when I want to and have the time to spend. I like that I can recommend presentations for others and the presentations will be there.
I especially have enjoyed the  CupOJoe this year! It keeps me going back to see when new comments are made and it makes me reflect!
Oh, and I really like to read blogs with the k12online08 tag, it reminds me to head back and spend more time. So, thanks to the conveners Wes Fryer, Dean Shareski, Darren Kuropatwa and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and all the behind the scenes folks. This year was really special and I enjoyed it!

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