Thursday, July 4, 2019

ISTE 19 part 2

I'm going to jump back on the blog wagon and share some quick tips from my sessions at ISTE.  I've been retired for 18 months and I wanted to see what new adventures were looming in technology, especially for my passion of making learning accessible for challenged learners.
This is my second tip. This tip focuses on the challenged learner and making choices. You can begin in a google doc, go to add ons and select Story Starters. Story Starters can be used with the Google Home, now just wait for it- I know there are privacy and security issues that educators are still grappling with, so while that continues to be resolved, there is another way to access this. You select, how to play your story and select Chat. Choose a premade template-how easy is that? Then play and the student just speaks their choices. The choices are simple like left or right, yes or no, or go inside or don't go inside. I can think of many students who would benefit from having a story they speak that turns into audio and written format. This is from Google Experiments-click here and see more experiments. If you like this check back to see what I'll share next. 

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