Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am I a writer? What is my life as a writer like?

What is your life as a writer like? Do you write for work and or pleasure? What kind of things do you have to write as an adult? When you do write is it texting, computer, paper, journal or other?

My life as a writer, adult, educator, blogger, parent, friend, learning network...  Never in my wildest thoughts as a student back in my K-12 education years did I ever consider that I would be a writer. When I was a student I wrote out of necessity. I wrote answers to tests, quizzes, short stories, research papers and letters to friends and send them through snail mail.
Today, I write for, for, my own couple of blogs, SEEDLINGS @ edtechtalk,  a weekly newsletter to my students and our Skills Cafe, my IEP's, accommodation notices to students and staff, keep up with my Facebook pages, Twitters and texting on my cell.

I am glad I learned to write!

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Melanie Holtsman said...

You are a busy woman Cheryl! You reminded me of my eight years in Special Ed. I did a LOT of those same things! The paperwork really drove me out of that field. I love the kids, so I decided to be the general teacher in an inclusion setting instead. :)