Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Collection of Wise Post-its

Cheryl Oakes reporting from a remote connection for the Day in a Sentence group! Last week many of you played along as we collected your sentences at the Wallwisher, in the form of a post-it.
I will transcribe them to this blog post, but to see the original post-its please head over to

n2teaching says:HelpinHelping children maintain their composure here at the end of tg children maintain their composure here at the end of the school year.

Lynn Jacobs says: Testing is finally over, we're on the downhill run to the end of the school year and boy, it can't come fast enough!

Jim says: What a beautiful spring day it's been. We planted our garden just the other day and already things are popping up. Summer can't be too far behind.

Bonnie says: So far, the weather has been working with me this week as I drive around my neck of the woods for work and pleasure. So far, I have been staying out of the rain.

sara-p-c says: as the days pass stealthily towards my daughter's july birthing day, i am in awe of every poke, kick, hiccup, and roll she makes - i am sustaining a life here!

Cheryl says: Thanks to our friends in the Southern states for sharing their humidity with us in May!

Gail Poulin says: Why does it feel so wrong to take a week off from teaching to do the literacy benchmark assessments when we are finally rolling along with reading and writing?

Mr. Wood says: Freezing morning cold and dark, blue days slowly warm my day.

PBougush says: Patience is not something I practice while gardening...should have waited a week to plant those seeds with temps in the 30s predicted for later this week!

Amanda says: What an exciting time of year! Exploring favorite units (memoirs) and new adventures (DBQs). I love occupying this uncomfortable and exciting learning place!

Tracy says: My students continue to amaze me, I could never bore of them because they teach me so much everyday - including about artists!

Kevin says: I'm going full bore on using Storybird to create seven picture books in seven days -- another crazy writing challenge that I can't resist.

Thanks for all who played along! Wallwisher just might be the way to get your students writing succinctly, there are only 140 characters! Enjoy the home stretch for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

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kabod said...

There's something about making time to play kickball with 7th graders that reassures me that school isn't all about tests and meetings.