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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ACTEM08, MaineEd08, was the BEST!

Actem08, Mained08   was the Best!

If you were able to attend ACTEM08 I think you will agree it was really exceptional this year. The Civic Center Crew were most accommodating, the food was great, the lines were much easier than in the past, the internet and wireless was flawless. I presented 3 times over 2 days including one webcasting session and no complaints! Our keynote, Sheryl Nussbaum Beach, really spoke to how we can move to the next challenge, the next level and we need to all be part of this transformation for our students. I really liked her challenge to us at the end, we are the last generation of teachers as we know them. We are the last individuals who chose to be teachers, mentored by our great teachers in our lives. We are the last individuals who will be able to study to be teachers as we have known our educational society. When information begins to change at a rate of doubling every 72 hours by 2020, how will those teachers manage their content, their curriculum, their classrooms. It will only be through change, through facilitation, through flattened classrooms, through personal and professional networks. That will be the easy part. How will our students participate in that kind of learning environment. I know I will be reading more of what Sheryl Nussbaum Beach has to say on this topic. I know that I will looking at ways to facilitate that change. I have to, I want to stay current, I want to mentor our new pre-service teachers, I want to be there.
Thanks to John Brandt for the great photo!

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Countdown to Sugarloaf Opening Day!

Sugarloaf Opening
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It is about time!!

I know it is really about time that I updated this site. To be honest, I wanted to leave my tribute to Vicki Davis here as long as I could. But, now it is time for our Fall ACTEM Conference and I really want to begin promoting that.
October 16 and 17, 2008, in the State of Maine, we have two terrific keynotes coming to join in a conversation with educators in the state. Tim Tyson and Sheryl Nussbaum Beach are going to be in Augusta, Me for all of us to listen to and learn from.
Our state has really grown with all the technology that has been infused into our districts. Many educators, worldwide, look to Maine to see what is happening, what should be happening and what will be happening.
Check out the Actem website and sign up for some conference sessions. You won't be disappointed! For some, it will be a chance to see folks they have chatted with all year. For others, it will be a chance to make a connection and then continue the conversation throughout the rest of our school year. See you next week! Be sure to say hi, no matter who I am talking to stop by and make yourself known. Over and Out!