Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have you dreamt of going to the Olympics?

When Julia Clukey was 13 years old and traveling to Europe and racing in the luge, I told her I would go to the Olympics when she was in it. Well, the time is here, 12 years later, and I am at Whistler, home of the Sliding Center, at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. It is exciting to walk through the Olympic Village. Even  though there is a moderate drizzle of rain, it has not dampened the spirits of anyone here in Whistler.
Pictures will be coming soon. There is much excitement, many cameras, good food, lots of people mulling around and happy Olympians.
I am here to support Julia, her family and her team. It will be a very thrilling event. Am I pinching myself that I am here in British Columbia? You bet and I am enjoying each minute.

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