Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1 Luge Women's Runs

My husband, Jonathan, and I got an early start on Whistler/Blackcomb yesterday and had a wonderful day in powder at the top. The views were spectacular and the trails were open and long. We spent a few hours jumping on chairlifts, never a line, and skiing peaks to mid-mountain. It is really freeing to ski above the treeline and in a glacier. Then it is very gratifying to get to the treeline once again and schuss down the remainder of the trail.

We had a great lunch on top of the world and were able to feed the Whiskey Jays who would perch in your hands as you offered them treats.

Then on to the whole reason we are here. To support Julia Clukey in the Women's Luge at the Whistler Sliding Center. We traveled through the village to the Gondola and then the Sliding Center. Throughout the whole village cameras were flashing, TV camera crews followed us focusing on the variety of signs we were carrying.

People are so supportive and welcoming. It is an amazing experience.

We stood at turn 16 and for each slider, we watched the big TV screen until they approached the final turn, then we would stare at the spot the women would pass through. In less than a second they would be beyond us and crossing the finish line, at that point all uphill.

It is amazing. We are off for Day 2, runs 3 and 4. More later.

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Wesley Fryer said...

This is fantastic, Cheryl! What a great opportunity to be there in person! Thanks so much for sharing. Live it up and keep cheering loud! :-)