Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Around the Web in 80 Ways!

Here is the challenge! Can we collectively come up with 80waysaroundweb2?

I write for TechLearning.com/blogs a couple times a month. A few weeks ago I wrote about How well do you  share your knowledge, your enthusiam, your web 2.o tools?
After I posted, my editor, Gwen Solomon, challenged me that I had  mentioned people I knew and the tools they were using. She wondered how prevalent it was to have teachers and administrators using Web 2.0 tools.  Gwen asked, "what was hype and what was hope. I'm still questioning how widespread exemplary use of these wonderful tools is in classrooms." She continued, "Other than Bob Sprankle, what great models are there? What exemplary uses of the tools can you share?  I want to see how learning what to do translates into teaching with the tools and I'm hoping that you know."
Well, although Gwen didn't mean this as a challenge, it is a collective demonstration of our love of the tools we find on the web and how we use these tools to engage our students and staff. Bob Sprankle and I brainstormed and came up with this idea. (Shoutout to Bob for his help, and a huge shoutout to all of you who will participate!)
I am going to use Twitter.com  to start, all my contacts with the Webheads, my contacts with Classblogmeister, my contacts at Webcastacademy and WomenofWeb2.0.
How will this work?
If you are inclined to share one Web 2.0 tool and how you use it with staff or students please go to our Delicious account, login with 80waysaroundweb2  and the pw of sharing2 .   Or you can always leave the same information here in the comments section! It would be totally amazing to get 80 comments, I think Gwen would flip!
Leave the name of the Web 2.0 tool, and the URL connected to the tool. Leave a little description, mention where you are from. If there is a URL for an example of how you have used the tool please share that too. You too can be part of Around the Web in 80 Ways!
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Around the WEB in 80 Ways!

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