Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making a Great Move!

Again thanks to Melinda Miller for getting me hooked on phone blogging .
I am wondering how to add this to my toolbox of CCC tools, Create, Collaborate, Communicate.

-I have been at my Collaborative Content Coach for Technology for 4 years and just this past 3 weeks I decided that I get really jazzed when I am working with students. An opportunity came up to transfer back into a classroom at our local HS as a special educator. So back to my special educator roots. I am looking forward to learning with my students and creating independent learners who are published and collaborating online.

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Wesley Fryer said...

My goodness Cheryl! You are doing a good job putting a positive face on this... Was a your old position eliminated? Of course I wish you the best of luck in this new endeavor, but am concerned.... I have heard from another Maine educator (librarian) about schools cutting back on tech help folks.

Cheryloakes50 said...

I am looking forward to getting back with the students. The district is hiring, get your application in by July 9th. You know your family would love to move to Maine!
So far, there are positions still being advertised this summer for Tech Integrators throughout the state. http://www.servingschools.com/html/browse.php

Wesley Fryer said...

Well that sounds great! Those students are going to be blessed to have you as their teacher!

While I agree our family would love Maine, we're in the season of parent care at thus point. So we'll have to settle for visits at this point!

We saw ships today here in Jamestown that were were made in Maine, and the area in the museum about shipbuilding reminded Sarah and I of the Maine museum in Augusta.:-)