Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, this stirred things up!

After reading David Warlick's blog post , which was a response to Wes Fryer's blog post, and having left a comment for David, I had to post myself and continue the conversation!

David and Wes were both blogging about Solutions for Dropout Prevention and the recent Dropout Prevention Summit that Wes attended in Oklahoma.I recommend these blog posts as great reading and fodder for an even greater conversation. Include the students in this conversation.

When I put myself in the place of a student in college, high school, middle school and elementary school, what are my eyes be seeing? A time to be f2f with my people. A time to text about what happened last night. A time to share a youtube. A time to wonder about some of the usefulness of some assignments. When I listen to what excites our students what am I listening to? My professor emailed me some really constructive comments for my essay. She really used the technology. I learned how to use the copy machine to scan a document to my email!(A really useful skill for this time!IMHO)Thanks for teaching us how to blog on a ning, it is the coolest part of my day, I can't believe I am in school when I am on my blog! We are playing a math game and giving feedback to the developers!
Have you seen such things in your school? Have you heard such things in your school? What can make the difference?


janice said...


I know that this is from a while ago, but I am only reading it now and thinking about it. I know I am being the skeptic when I say this, but my impression of what a HS student might be thinking is more like, "I need to text my friend to find out when the party is". Am I too skeptical?


Cheryl Oakes said...

You are not being a skeptic. However, we are social beings. I know I have asked a peer to meet me after school for coffee, I could have texted. I wouldn't if I were engaged in a conversation or presenting a lesson. But, if I were listening and it wasn't that interesting, I would. This is the new order. We need to be prepared.